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Dr. Brittany was amazing. She was informative, kind, and really listened to what we were saying. Sandra, the manager??? was THE BEST. My sister and I were asking tons of questions and she was so calm, answering everything so thoroughly. We were barely in the waiting room and we were sat in a very cute, aesthetically pleasing room. We were offered bottled waters and the procedures were completed. We can't wait for our second visit. Thank you, Dr. Brittany and Sandra!!!

Joyce Y.

The team of people are knowledgeable, helpful and experienced. Have been doing some Emsculpt treatments and the results are amazing! Though I have a daily regimented workout routine, this has taken in to the next level in a short period with no downtime in targeting tough areas in slimming and sculpting. Definitely worth it and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to look better and be healthier.

Magdalena B

CQ Med Gym takes great care of their patients. Caitlyn gives painless Vitamin B12 injections. Dr. Glenn and the entire team make you feel so comfortable.I also love how clean the clinic is. Thank you

Heather W.

CQ Med Gym is modern, clean and vibrant. The staff are extremely friendly and make you feel at ease. I came in for the glutathione and nad+ injections. I have been concerned with the inflammation in my feet as well as my low energy levels. My experience was so great that I have already scheduled my next injection. With my Yelp check-in, I got a free b12 injection, too. I'm excited to see the on-going results!

Chelsea V.

The Emface and Exilis at CQ Med Gym have rejuvenated my entire face on the surface skin level and so much deeper. I look five years younger! All treatments naturally refreshed my face and were painless and needle free!

Rebecca S.

Love love love CQ Med Gym! Caitlyn is so awesome and sweet. She makes sure you're comfortable the whole time. I came in for an IV and also got to try out the emsella. You can really feel it working and tightening ALL the muscles. Cannot recommend Cait enough!

Drew J.

This Ozempic weight loss program changed my life. It’s the only weight loss program that’s ever worked for me. It’s also the simplest way I’ve ever tried to loss weight. All I do is trust my doctor now and the weight is falling off every week. I’ve reached my goal weight in nine weeks and feel amazing! Thank you Dr. Glenn and CQ Med Gym.


I absolutely love CQ Med Gym. Their weight loss program has been the only solution that has worked for me since entering my mid-40's! I'm beyond happy with finally seeing results after trying so many other programs. I have also had fantastic results with a short-term series of Emsella and Emsculpt treatments! CQ Med Gym is truly a special place with a welcoming and knowledgeable staff!!

Alicia P.

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