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The Skinny Shot (Lipo+B12)

Boost vitamins, energy, and metabolism with a Lipo + B12 injection

  • 15 min
  • Niguel Road

Service Description

If you’ve felt sluggish or slow lately, you might be living with a slow metabolism. A slow metabolism can be a roadblock on your weight loss journey, as reduced metabolism keeps your body in fat-storing mode instead of fat-burning load. The solution to this problem can be as simple as a lipotropic shot “Skinny Shot”. Lipo+B12 (B12/MIC) shots can help patients increase energy, boost metabolism, and burn fat at quicker rates than before. Lipotropic shots are formulated with a compound of ingredients; while the base of this treatment is vitamin B12, the other ingredients include fat-busting and metabolism-increasing amino acids that work with the body to eliminate unwanted fat and remove toxins clogging up your metabolic rate. Combined, these three amino acids stop the body from storing excess fat and help boost internal processes to break fat down more quickly for removal. B12 or Lipo-B12? CQ Med Gym offers both. B12 injection uses a concentrated serum of the vitamin to boost the energy and metabolism of those seeking the treatment. B12 injections give the body further resources to produce more red blood cells to carry larger amounts of oxygen throughout the body, meaning those who receive such treatments can benefit from increased energy and reduced feelings of fatigue. B12 is a necessary vitamin that our bodies do not naturally produce. Lipotropic B12 or MIC+B12 injections work with the liver to remove fat and toxins from the body. Lipotropic injections are a triple-threat for enhancing your overall health; in addition to boosting your metabolism and energy, lipotropic injections also destroy fat and help your body filter toxins more quickly. Lipotropic -B12 injections are better for patients looking to shed more weight as compared to the general benefits of B12 injections. B12 $39 Skinny Shot $49

Contact Details

  • 31341 Niguel Road, Laguna Niguel, CA, USA

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